We need your help: 

Volunteers are needed for the Howard County fundraising and athletic events throughout the year. If you are interested and willing to help/volunteer, please contact Kathy, at howardcountyspecialolympics@gmail.com.

Coach/Volunteer Orientation (CVO) is required for all Special Olympic volunteers and Coaches. CVO Training contains information on the mission, history, organization and sports programs of Special Olympics, along with athlete eligibility. CVO is free and includes an introductory handbook, and is the pre-requisite for Level 2 or 3 coach certification.

Volunteers only need to go through CVO training once; however, every three years all volunteers will need to go through the On-Line Protective Behavior Training.  If you are a current volunteer and you have not taken this training, or it has been 3 years, please take this training.  To find this training please follow the following link: http://www.specialolympics.org/protective_behaviors.aspx

Be a Coach: To learn more about current coaching vacancies and Contact Sean 765-210-5493; seanhoward86@att.net